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Hartlepool Borough Police v North Eastern Railway Police 1910

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A match ticket that gives a glimpse  into the social conditions of the time, the period from 1910 to 1914 saw a period of great unrest in the country with strikes and political upheaval

November of 1910 saw fighting between striking miners and police in Tonypandy and that name still reverberates in politics to this day, the same month also saw huge Suffrage marches in London

Hartlepool was not immune from this, indeed the year saw three Parliamentary elections held in the Borough when Christopher Furness was first elected then his election declared void, his nephew Stephen then held the seat in the bye election, and again later in the year when a further election was called by the Liberal Government.

This game, played on a Thursday, between the Police side from Hartlepool against the N.E.R. Police, raised funds for distribution to those excluded from financial assistance owing to the industrial actions taking place in the area. Games aimed at raising funds for Charitable causes have featured the Rugby game throughout its history in the town.

The outcome was a 7 - 0 win for the Hartlepool Police, raising £7.3s.5d. for the cause. The match had been kicked off by the Chief Constable, A Winterbottom and the teams were entertained to tea at the Lawrensen Hotel afterwards. (CMc)

Date (of image) : 14/11/1910

Donor : Hartlepool Museum Service

Creator : F.W.Mason

Part of the "Robert Wood Collection" collection


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