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1960 - West Hartlepool TDSOB v Hartlepool Old Boys'

What we know about this image :

West Hartlepool TDSOB, “Tech” for short was formed in Coronation Year, 1953 and played their first fixture against Old Boys III XV in September of that year and the Clubs have met regularly over the years.

This undated photo was taken sometime in the early 1960s on Grayfields, the home pitch of both Clubs at that time,  and used by Tech since their start in 1953, and the prominent players in the line out are from Old Boys and nearest the camera  are from left to right, Stan Lobb, Barry Flounders and Jackson Booth.  Next to them, in white shorts, are from left to right, Steve Brown, Ian MacRae, Jimmy Mayes and Stan Butterfield.


Date (of image) : 1960

Donor : Jim Mayes

Creator : Hartlepool Mail

Part of the "TDSOB Rugby" collection


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