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Storra Lee - a general history

Official No. 84545: Code Letters WKTM: Code Letters JFTH.

Owners: 1882 J.H. Murrell & Yeoman, West Hartlepool: 1884 J.H. Murrell & Co, West Hartlepool: 1895-98 C. Henckel, Helsingborg -renamed Edith: 1899 N.P. Swensson, Helsingborg: 1920 Rederi A/B Motala Strom (Rob Gohle) Norrkoping -renamed Glan: 1922 Rederi A/B Signe (Aug Andersson) Helsingborg -renamed Signe: 1930 Rederi A/B Signe (Arvid Abrahamsson) Mariehamn.

Masters: 1882-84 RD Clark: 1884-86 E Wattley: 1887-94 S Bailey: 1894-95 J Dower: 1895-98 NP Swensson: 1899-1900 H Swensson: 1900-11 A Anderson: 1919 W Wicklund: 1920 C Roing: 1940 Bengt Mattsson.

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette, Wednesday, December 30th, 1885:
WEST HARTLEPOOL STEAMER ASHORE. Messrs. J. H. Murrell and Co., of West Hartlepool, received a telegram yesterday from their agents at Rotterdam to the effect that their steamship, the Storra Lee (Capt. Watley), had gone ashore whilst entering Rotterdam from Sulina, laden with a cargo of grain, and that she is so critically situated that in the gale then prevailing she was danger of becoming wreck. The Storra Lee is a vessel of about 1,150 tons register, and was built by Messrs. Gray and Co., West Hartlepool.

In convoy HN-23A Signe left Bergen on 30 March 1940 bound for Burntisland in ballast & with a crew of 19 and was not seen again. The convoy had become scattered during a storm & the trailing ships were torpedoed by German submarine (U-38 Heinrich Liebe) so she was assumed lost in the attack. On 4 April 1940 off Fair Isle in the Shetlands the British trawler Good Shepherd found the remains of a crew member on a raft. He was interred in Fair Isle Kirkyard.

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