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Munitionette on the Depot floor - by Kirsten Luckins

This is one of a series of 'Munitionette' poems written by Kirsten Luckins for the 'Heroism & Heartbreak' Project:

Steady now, Gracie

 easy with the bogie

control it

 those precise hands

 tendons raised and fanned

 remember our mam

when she still silver-served

 six plates up each ballerina arm

 glide like a swan

 that’s how it’s done


 Perch there, Gracie

 canary on a high stool

in this giant’s great hall!

lay your eggs, Gracie

lay your long brass eggs

 sleeping in their cradle

 pack them, firm but gentle


Gracie, Gracie,

take care

 like you’re tucking in a much-loved



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