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Twenty-one Gun Salute - by Hartlepool Writers' Group

This poem was put together by Kirsten Luckins from collective "eyeball kicks" at a workshop for the Hartlepool Adult Writing Group, held on board the paddle steamship Wingfield Castle, as part of the 'Heroism & Heartbreak' Project:

Twenty-One Gun Salute

Death is a bitter nightfall

          a motionless chapel

                   an ineffective drum

Death is a heavy root

          a steady stalk

                   an abnormal harvest

Death is a backless park

          a silent encounter

                   a recognised daughter

Death is a scolding anchor

          a preparatory assault

                    intermittent vulnerability

Death is an interesting premise

          an outrageous meditation

                   an extensive legend

Death is a white embryo

          unsullied meat

                   an absolute angel

                   a mirror of the universe

          a foolish commander

Death is perfect for man

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