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Iseo - a general history

The following information has been compiled by Lorenzo Colombo:
The Iseo was heavily active on the supply routes between Italy and Libya/Tunisia during World War II - probably one of the most active steamers on that route. She escaped attacks by HMS Torbay (12th August,1941) and HMS Thrasher (25th September,1941); slightly damaged by air strafing while in Bengasi on October 24th, 1941, and again on the 28th. She was damaged in collision with the steamer Capo Faro during the failed operation "M.41" on December 13th, 1941.
On December 28th, 1942, she sailed from Trapani headed for Tunis with 2,088 tons of munitions and explosives, escorted by destroyer Freccia. She was attacked by torpedo bombers (four Fairey Albacores of 821st and 828th Squadron Fleet Air Arm, from Malta), some 28 miles off Cape Bon, and blew up after being hit by a torpedo at 3.20 a.m. on December 29th,
Sources vary on the casualties; according to one, 59 were killed (all 37 merchant crew, two Navy personnel and 20 Army personnel) out of 72 people aboard, according to another, 90 men were aboard, 48 were killed and 42 survived.

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