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Armenia - a general history

The following has been extracted from a short article by Bert Spaldin which appeared in the May/June 1990, No.109 issue of the ‘Tees Packet’:
On 6th February, 1890, one of William Gray’s daughters, Mrs. McMordie of Greatham, was the sponsor at the launch of the weel deck vessel Armenia. She was built to Gray’s own order, was schooner-rigged on two iron masts and had two state rooms for passengers.

Upon completion of fitting-out, she sailed on trials on 8th March and did 11 knots at 78 r.p.m. She then proceeded to Cardiff to load for Rangoon, owned 64/64ths by W.C. Gray.

On 6th October, 1898 she was re-registered to the Armenia S.S. co. (Murrell Pal(?) & Co., managers), and in 1903 B.B. Murrell & Co. took over management. In that same year she was sold to Cross S.S. Co. Ltd., Newcastle (A. Richter & Co., managers), and then in 1914 to Cia. Begonesa de Nav., Bilbao, and re-named Nuestra Senora de Begona.

Leeds Mercury, December 20th, 1902:
Five Fully Paid Shares (£100) in Armenia Steamship Co. Limited, West Hartlepool. Dividends paid over three years 25%, 20%, 11%, average per annum nearly 19%. Has good reserve fund. No debentures. Price £85, for one or more shores. Apply W. T. Walton and Sun, Incorporated Accountants, West Hartlepool.

Shields Daily News, July 19th, 1905:
HARTLEPOOL STEAMER SALVED. The West Hartlepool s.s. Armenia left Greenock on 8th July for Genoa. On Friday last she was towed into Lisbon by the German s.s. Nestor, in a disabled condition.
While the Armenia was proceeding down the Portuguese coast her high pressure cylinder cover snapped.
It is expected that repairs will occupy about 14 days. No agreement was made between the respective captains for the salvage services rendered, although Capt. Klofkern claims £1,500, but the matter will probably be settled between the owners.
The Armenia is steel screw steamship of 2,330 tons gross and 1,515 tons nett register, built in 1901 by Messrs W. Gray and Co., of West Hartlepool, and owned by the Armenian Steamship Company, Messrs B. B. Murrell and Co., Central Buildings, Church Street, West Hartlepool.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, November 3rd, 1906:
Cables received from Odessa to-day state that the West Hartlepool steamer Armenia has gone ashore near that port. The vessel has only a small portion outward cargo on board, which may make the work refloating difficult. The Armenia is 3,880 tons gross, owned by Messrs. D. B. Murrell and Co., of West Hartlepool.

Aberdeen Press and Journal, Thursday, December 19th, 1912:
The steamer ashore is the West Hartlepool boat the Armenia, of 2330 tons gross register, owned by Messrs B. B. Murrell and Co. She went ashore near Eupatoria on her outward voyage for that port in ballast. The vessel is insured on the London market at a valuation of £14,000.

Newcastle Journal, August 17th, 1914:
The West Hartlepool steamer Armenia, of 2,330 tons gross, 1,515 tons net register, has been sold to Spanish buyers. She was built West Hartlepool in 1890, and was owned by Messrs A. Richter and Co., West Hartlepool.

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