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Tipperary Clubs

Tipperary clubs, such as this one in Lynn Street, West Hartlepool, named after the much loved song, 'it's a long way to Tipperary', were formed during the first world war. Soldiers were billeted in various building such as schools, baths, workhouses, skating rinks, the Town Hall, hotels, and private houses throughout the Hartlepool area before going to the front. These 'Tipperary Clubs' were set up to provide comforts for the troops before they embarked. Sir William Gray provided a piano and the Boy's Brigade provided a billiard table. Writing materials, books, magazines and papers were made available to the troops as well as whist drives, concerts and suppers.

Tipperary Clubs seem to have been peculiar to Hartlepool as I can find no mention of them elsewhere.

A typical tariff in the club would be:-

Cup of coffee                                      ½d

Cup of Cocoa                                      ½d

Cup of tea                                           ½d

A bottle of mineral water                     3d

two slices of bread and butter            2d

Buttered Bun                                       1½d

Buttered Scone                                   1½d

Cake                                                    1d

Salmon sandwich                                 3d

Three biscuits                                       1d

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