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St. Ambroise - Launch

The following appeared in the Northern Daily Mail on October 11th, 1919:

"Messrs. William Gray and Co. Ltd., yesterday launched the steel screw steamer St. Ambroise, which they have built for Messrs. Societe Navale de L'Oest, Paris. The vessel's dimensions are: Length over all 321ft 3ins, breadth 40ft 6ins, depth moulded 26ft 8ins; and she carries 4,800 tons deadweight.

She is fitted with the Puissesseau system of derrick gear, including one to lift 25 tons. The winches are of the latest type and are fitted on specially arranged platforms. Steel lifeboats and steel motor-launch are provided, and the holds are specially arranged for the carriage pf casks of wine. There are refrigerated provision chambers and specially good accommodation, and an electric light installation is fitted, whilst oil fuel is carried in the double-bottom. The outfit is of the latest description.

Triple-expansion engines are being fitted by the Central Marine Engine Works of the builders, having cylinders 25ins, 41ins, 68ins, by 45ins stroke, and three boilers 13ft 4ins diameter by 12ft 2ins long, 200lbs working pressure. An oil fuel installation suitable for quick conversion to either oil or coal burning will be supplied to work in conjunction with Howden's forced draught. The 'CMEW' steamship auxiliaries include auxiliary condenser, direct contact feed heater, feed water purifying tank, a pair of independent boiler feed pumps, centrifugal pump, combined air and circulating pumps, general service and ash ejector pump, auxiliary harbour feed pump, fuel oil ballast pump, evaporator and thermo-couples.

The ship and machinery have been built under the superintendence of Capt. R. Puissesseau and Messrs. Williams Bros., Middlesbrough, on behalf of the owners, and the ceremony of naming the steamer St. Ambroise was gracefully performed by Mrs. R.B. Williams."

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