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Elpis - Extract from a Journal

The following is an extract from a Journal of a sea voyage from West Hartlepool to New York in 1881, written by William Shirley Day. The Journal was discovered in a Charity Shop in Reading in 2010.

"October 1st, 1881. Left West Hartlepool at 8.30am for New York in the 'Elpis'. Weather fine - sea calm - wind S - rather foggy.
Steamed very slowly for two hours on account of the fog. Saw several sail and steam ships.
No-one ill so far and after dinner turned in for 11/2 hours - dozed off occasionally.
Thought of home and lazily ruminated on the near future. Went on the bridge and saw, accompanied by a melodious 'Home Sweet Home', 'Goodbye Sweetheart' and 'The Anchor's Weighed', the beautiful night. Sea calm, moon and stars shining - North Star just over the foremast - wind low from NW.
Turned in at 9.45 and slept pretty well. Propellor's noise rather unpleasant - but did very well altogether."

William Day was born in Water Orton, Birmingham, on July 15th, 1858 and died in Bournemouth in 1893; why he came to be travelling to America from West Hartlepool is something of a mystery.

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