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1942 - Launch and Shipyard Movements

The following notes on dockyard ship movements were made at the time by Mr. Thomas W. Withers, of South Crescent, Hartlepool:

Empire Centaur – 1942 – No.1134

July 30th – Attending launch (Central Dockyard)
Aug. 10th – From Shipyard to CMEW
Aug. 18th – From CMEW to Shipyard
Aug. 20th – From Shipyard to Slag Island
From Slag Island to Shipyard
Sep. 11th – From Shipyard to CMEW
From CMEW to Shipyard
Sep. 23rd – From Shipyard to Drydock
Sep. 26th – From Drydock to CMEW
Sep. 30th – From CMEW to Drydock
Oct. 4th – From Drydock to Hartlepool 17 & 18
Oct. 7th – From Hartlepool to Middlesbrough. Capt. Evans.

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