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Irish Holly - Launch

The following is taken from 'Fast Anchor', Vol.1, April 1954, No.5
The single screw steam tanker Irish Holly was launched from the Dock Yard on 6th January. The vessel is of single deck type with trunk, forecastle and raised quarter deck with machinery fitted aft. Two longitudinal bulkheads are fitted, forming six centre tanks and four wing tanks, port and starboard. The vessel has been designed to carry about 3,150 tons of oil on 17ft. 0ins. draft. Two cargo pumps of 250 tons and three of 40 tons capacity will be fitted in two pump rooms. High class accommodation has been arranged with mechanical ventilation and steam heating.

Machinery and two oil-fired boilers are being supplied by Central marine Engine Works. The machinery is triple expansion having cylinders 18 3/4ins - 31ins - 53ins by 30ins stroke.

The christening ceremony was performed by Mrs. L.S. Furlong, wife of Mr. L.S. Furlong, Joint Manager of Irish Shipping Limited and prior to the ceremony the Rev. Father Dunne blessed the vessel.

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