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Eastwood - a brief history

Built: 1904 by W.Gray & Co., Hartlepool. Yard No 692. Launched on Monday 29th August 1904 at 5pm. Sailed 4th October 1904.
Length BP 340’; Breadth (extreme) 48’; Depth of hold 24’10”; Depth moulded 27’4”
GRT 3,582.45tons; NRT 2,335tons
Owners: Built for Horsley Line Ltd. 1915 bought by Macbeth & Co. Ltd to replace war losses. 1920 company changed name to Macbeth, Blackwood & Lawrie. 1929 Mr Blackwood retired & company became Eastwood Steam Ship Co. Ltd. & shortly afterwards was acquired by W.A.Young of London. 1927 name changed to Dragon. 1933 name changed to Nadine.  1934 name changed to Nadin
Loss: Broken up at Savona 2nd quarter of 1950.

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