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Atlantic Duchess - a general history

This 'Noticeboard' contains snippets of information about the ship drawn from a wide range of personal and documentary sources and is updated as and when new material is received:

Derek Hinds remembers the Atlantic Duchess returning to Hartlepool for repairs after the devastating explosion in Swansea Docks on February 2nd, 1951- "The remaining sections were brought back to Graythorp for repair. The aft section was put into the drydock first to clean up the raggy plates from the explosion. She was put into the dock the ‘wrong way around’ to how ships were normally drydocked. When the aft section was ready the dock was refilled and the forward section was floated in. Set up in the correct position and the dock emptied. A new mid-section had to be constructed to join the ship back together again."

From Mr. Stan Lithgo: "After the vessel was repaired and rejoined, my Uncle Arnold Lithgo was Pilot to sail the ship out. The ship's owner, Mr. Livanos, was there and helped the Foyboatmen unmoor her to get her on her way to Corpus Christi."

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