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Thorpwood - Launch


Northern Daily Mail, Jan 22/12

Yesterday, Messrs. William Gray and Company, Limited. launched the handsome steel screw steamer Thorpwood, which they have built for Messrs Constantine and Pickering Steamship Company, Middlesbrough.

She will take the highest class in Lloyd’s Register, and is of the following dimensions, viz.: Length over all, 346ft. 6in.; breadth, 48ft.; and depth, 24ft. 10 in., with long bridge, poop, and top-gallant forecastle.

The saloon, staterooms, captain’s, officers, and engineers’ rooms, etc., will be fitted up in houses on the bridge deck, and the crew’s berths in the forecastle.

The hull is built with deep bulb-angle frames, cellular double bottom, and large aft peak ballast tank, six steam winches, steam steering gear amidships, hand screw gear aft, patent direct steam windlass, large patent vertical donkey boiler, shifting boards throughout, stockless anchors, boats on deck overhead, telescopic masts, with fore and aft rig, and all requirements for a first class cargo steamer.

Triple-expansion engines are being supplied by the Central Marine Engineering Works of the builders, having cylinders 24in., 38in., and 64in. diameter, with a piston stroke of 42in., and two large steel boilers for a working pressure of 180lbs. per square inch.

The ship and machinery have been built under the supervision of Mr. William Constantine on
behalf of the owners, and the ceremony of naming the steamer Thorpwood was gracefully
performed by Miss Constantine, Toft House, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough.

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