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Flynderborg - Launch



Northern Daily Mail. 30/4/30

Messrs. William Gray and Co., Ltd., launched from their Central Shipyard, yesterday, the steel screw steamer Flynderborg, which is being built to the order of Aktieselskabet Dampskibsselskabet Dannebrog (C. K. Hansen), Copenhagen.

The vessel will take the highest class in Lloyd’s Register, and is of the following dimensions: Length overall 290ft. 4in.; breadth, 40ft.; depth moulded to upper deck, 21ft. 4in., with poop, bridge, and forecastle.

Constructed on the cellular double bottom principle, with after peak, for water ballast, the framing being of the deep bulb angle type, she has four watertight bulkheads.

Spacious accommodation for the officers is arranged in a steel house amidships. The engineers will be berthed in large steel houses alongside casing, and the crew in the poop.

For the quick handling of cargo, 11 powerful steam winches are provided to work 11 derricks. A direct-acting steam windlass forward and combined steam and hand steering gear in house aft are also fitted.

The topmasts are telescopic, lowering to a height suitable for the Manchester Ship Canal Bridges.

The Flynderborg will be completed in all respects as a first-class cargo steamer, her equipment including an efficient wireless installation and electric light throughout.

                                             THE ENGINES

Triple-expansion engines having cylinders 20, 31½, 53 inches diameter by 36 in. stroke, and two boilers working at a pressure of 180lbs. per square inch, and fitted with superheaters, will be supplied by the Central Marine Engineering Works of the builders.

A number of auxiliaries of the “C.M.E.W.” type will be installed, including live steam feed heater, winch condenser, singlex harbour feed pump, evaporator, duplex general service and ballast pumps, and drain and scum tank.

The ship and machinery are being built under the supervision of Mr. H. Sorensen on behalfof the owners, and the ceremony of naming the steamer Flynderborg was gracefully performed by Miss. Eunice Pinkney, Sunderland.

The owners were represented by Mr. H. Sorensen, and the builders by Mr. F. C. Pyman,managing director, Mr. A. McGlashan, director, Mr. T. S. Simpson, general manager, and Mr. W.Hird, yard manager.

Amongst those present were Mr. and Mrs. David Pinkney, Miss M. Pinkney, and Mr R.Pinkney.


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