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Hartlepool Fire Service - early beginnings

Records of the Council Minutes show that in 1887 (the year of Incorporation), the first Fire Brigade Chief was appointed, and in 1888 a steam fire engine was purchased to meet the requirements of the rapidly growing town.

The Brigade consisted of volunteers and paid firemen. Volunteer firemen were paid £2 per annum, plus an additional 2s 6d for each drill; when attending fires they were paid 4s 0d for the first hour and then 1s 6d for each subsequent hour of attendance.

The new Fire Station was completed in 1889 at a cost of £1,225, officially opening the following year. Prior to this, all the fire-fighting equipment was housed in a shed in the Market Yard, Lynn Street.

By 1938, after much reorganisation, the personnel consisted of two Officers, ten full-time firemen and twelve retained men. By 1946 the Brigade was controlled on a regional basis by the National Fire Service.

Compiled by Tony Hey.

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