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Ships of the Splosna Plovba fleet

Compiled by Robert Brozina.

The first ship built in the shipyard W. Gray & Co., West Hartlepool in the fleet of Splošna Plovba was Zelengora (ex-Empire Nigel). She was purchased in 1956 two years after the creation of the Splošna Plovba company . By 1962 she mainly sailed on tramping voyages and then was incorporated into a new line of Splošna Plovba on the Adriatic - Mediterranean - Western coast of Africa run. It sailed between Koper - Trieste - Venice– Rijeka - Naples - Genoa - Marseilles - Barcelona - Valencia - Casablanca-Dakar - Conakry - Abidjan - Takoradi - Tema - Lagos - Douala (optional), Libreville (optional), Port Gentil, (optional), Matadi (optional), Lobito and Luanda, return trips Takoradi, Dakar, Casablanca (optional), Malaga (optional), Barcelona (optional), Genoa (optional), Ancona (optional), Venice, Trieste, Koper and Rijeka. Zelengora was sailing in fleet Splošna Plovba until 1971 when she was sold to the CIA de Navigation SA Portland, Panama City. She was broken up in Sveti Kajo near Split, on July 6, 1972. Interestingly, Zelengora was the last steam powered ship in the Splošna Plovba fleet.

The Bočna (ex-Rose of Lancester), was purchased in 1965. She was employed on the West Africa Line with the Zelegora and Naprijed, and was the first vessel lost due to a maritime accident. On December 24th, 1977, the pipes in the boilers were destroyed to such an extent that repairs were unreasonable and the vessel was proclaimed a constructive total loss. She was towed from the port of Matadi (in the then Zaire) to Sveti Kajo and scrapped on March 23rd, 1978. She was the only turbine powered ship in the fleet.

Naprijed (ex-Empire Labuan), was purchased in November 1966, and employed on West Africa Line with the  ships Zelengora and Bočna. She was broken up in Sveti Kajo on May. 5th, 1969.

Ships from the Adriatic and Mediterranean ports were transporting general cargo to Africa returning with tropical wood.

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