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Egglestone - Lives lost 1944

Master: 1944 Minas Mavris.

On a voyage from Algiers for Freetown & Buenos Aires in ballast with a crew of 35 Peleus was rammed & machine gunned by German submarine U-852 (Heinz-Wilhelm Eck) & sank 3 days out from Freetown on 13 March 1944. The U-boat then fired at the debris & rafts to destroy all evidence. A boat with 3 survivors & a body (Agis Kefalas) was picked up by the Portuguese Alexandre Silva on 20 April 1944. 32 lives lost.

Lives lost April 1944: Jahia Saleh, fireman, India; Kephalas, Agis, 3rd officer; Konstantinides, Dimitrios, seaman; MacLeod, Peter, sailor, 21; Mamas, Dimitrios, boatswain, 45; Mavris, Minas, master; McConnach, James, sailor, 18 (son of Mary); Pike, Alfred, steward, 21, Melyn, Glamorgan; Sogias, Stavros, greaser; Sulley, Emmanuel, fireman, 31.

Survivors 1944: Argiros, Dimitrius, seaman, Greece; Liossis, Antonios, chief officer, Greece; Neuman, Pierre, seaman, b. Russia; Said, Rocco, stoker.

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