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Marit - Crew 1943

While serving as an Admiral Auxiliary fleet tanker in convoy XT-4 on a voyage from Haifa for Alexandria & Tripoli with a cargo of fuel oil & a total complement of 54 Marit was torpedoed by German submarine (U-596 Victor-Wilhelm Nonn) & sank off Benghazi, Libya in 32.57N/21.11E on 4 October 1943. Two crew members were lost. (Date of casualty on C.W.G.C. given as 6/9/1943)

Lives lost October 1943: Keene, Herbert Edward, able seaman, 30, Stroud; Abass, Mohamed, fireman, India.

Survivors October 1943: Abdula, Mohamed, lascar, India; Ali, Abdul Cader Sk, lascar, India; Ali, Sk Oomer Sk, lascar, India; Amedhkan, Hoosein Khan, quartermaster, India; Andu, Mohiseen, lascar, India; Ashmatulla, Effan Ali, oiler, India; Aswarali, Serang Abdul, dekk, India; Awod, Sallim, stoker, India; Bawa, Moos, stoker, India; Beal, Harry, gunner, Britain; Beswick, Leonard, gunner, Britain; Buddoo, Abdul Gaffer, cook, India; Caspersen, Sverre, master, Norway; Chak, Ling Chong, mess boy, China; Chin, Ho Chak, 2nd cook, China; Ebrahim, Seyd Abdull, quartermaster, India; Emam, Sk Emali Sk, lascar, India; Esmali, Mohamed, 3rd bosun’s mate, India; Jhalia, Eusoof, oiler, India; Jing, Woo Mean, steward, China; Hamis, Abdoc, stoker, India; Hassan, Esmali K, bosun’s mate, India; Hoossein, Abdul Rehman, quartermaster, India; Hopkins, Edwin, gunner, Britain; Kader, Tarod, cook, India; Kamal, Siku Sk lascar, India; Karrim, Seedick Abdul, storekeeper, India; Khan, Mogamed Khan Hoossein, lascar, India; Knutsen, Sverre, 2nd mate, Norway; Kristensen, Markus, 1st engineer, Norway; Li, Ying Chan, cook, China; Mahomed, Adan, stoker, India; Ming, Wing, mess boy, China; Mohamed, Abdureham, quartermaster, India; Mombassa, Hakis, 2nd bosun’s mate, India; Mubrook, Abdoola, donkeyman, India; Nasir, Hamis, bosun, India; Nathoo, Kala, stoker, India; Noor, Dilawara Abdul, stoker, India; Odlands, Nil, 3rd mate, Norway; Rajab, Abdul Cader Sk, lascar, India; Rajini, Oomer Ali Soolchand, lascar, India; Ramja, Syed Ahmed, oiler, India; Rhodes, Ronald, gunner, Britain; Seleh, Hassan, 1st bosun’s mate, India; Solli, Halvor, 1st mate, Norway; Sorensen, Johan, 2nd engineer, Norway; Sung, Ho Chung, engine boy, China; Syed, Abid, oiler, India; Tinto, Bacona, cleaner, India; Yusaf, Sk Boodan Mohamed, lascar, India; Wiik, Kristian, 3rd engineer, Norway.

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