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M.15 - Lives lost

M.15was at anchorage at Deir-el-Belah off Gaza, Palestine & although the post was protected by torpedo net & patrols she was torpedoed by German submarine (U-38 Hans Hermann Wendlandt) & hit on the port bow which caused a cordite fire & sank her in 3 minutes on 11 November 1917. 26 lives lost.

Lives lost November 1917: Alfiero, George, steward 2nd class (Royal Navy) aged 17, Malta; Benham, William Edward, petty officer stoker (Royal Navy) aged 48; Birch, Norman, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 23, Altrincham, Cheshire; Chatel, Albert Cecil, shipwright 1st class (Royal Navy) aged 32, Portsmouth ; Christie, Oliver Wilson, leading cook’s mate (Royal Navy) aged 26, Portsmouth; Cooper, Arthur Percy, private (Royal Marine Light Infantry); Cooper, Edgar Strugnal, leading seaman (Royal Navy) aged 41, Portsmouth; Foot, Percy Ernest, armourer’s mate (Royal Navy) aged 36, Leytonstone, London; Frizell, Frank Crossfield, signalman (Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve); Gispert, Modesto, able seaman (Royal Navy, 24, Brockley, London; Grant, Benjamin, seaman (Royal Naval Reserve) aged 32, Wick; Hughes, William Frank, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 24; Laurie, Frank Herbert, stoker 1st class (Royal Navy) aged 27, East Ham, London; Mattison, John Osbourne, chief engine room artificer 1st class (Royal Navy) aged 29, North Berwick; Norcott, George Henry, leading seaman (Royal Navy) aged 22, Leyton, London; Norman, Cecil Henry, ordinary seaman (Royal Navy) aged 221, Tower Hill, Guernsey; Ridgewell, Arthur Edward, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 19, Dulwich, London; Simpson, Albert, private (Royal Marine Light Infantry) aged 35, Gosport, Hants; Stewart, Ernest George, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 21; Stride, Henry, leading stoker (Royal Navy) aged 40, Southampton; Talbot, Albert, officer’s steward 2nd class (Royal Navy) aged 19, Esher, Surrey; Tiller, Frederick Edward Wilfred, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 23, b. Southampton; Tuttle, Robert John, ordinary seaman (Royal Navy) aged 33, Hungerford, Berks.; Warwick, William, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 20; Wass, Tom, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 19, Standish, Wigan; Williamson, Albert Victor, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 29, Manor Park, London.

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