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Penolver - Lives lost

Masters: 1915 J Trethowen: 1916-19 JR Bradshaw: 1943 George H Naish.

On a voyage from Wabana, Newfoundland for Sydney, Nova Scotia with a cargo of iron-ore & a crew of 40 Penolver struck a mine laid by German submarine (U-220 Bruno Barber) & sank 15 miles of St Johns, Newfoundland in 47.19N/52.27W on 19 October 1943. 3 gunners & 23 of the crew lost.

Lives lost October 1943: Blake, Herbert John, chief officer, 30, Brislington, Bristol; Clark, Victor James, steward, 23, Epsom, Surrey; Cook, Henry T, boatswain, 49, Hull; Dorney, Patrick Michael, fireman/trimmer, 26; Duncan, William, 1st radio officer, 33 (son of John & Mary); Entwistle, Kenneth, 2nd radio officer, 20, New Malden, Surrey; Frost, John Raymond, 3rd engineer, 27; Fullerton, William Thomas, fireman/trimmer, 26; Gibbons, Francis John Edward, able seaman, 19 Walthamstow, Essex; Gunn, William Purdie, donkeyman, 44; Johns, David, fireman/trimmer, 43, South Shields; Jose, Thomas Alfred, 2nd engineer, 45; Joyce, Peter, 3rd radio officer, 18, Wallasley, Cheshire; Lawson, John James, able seaman, 20, Gateshead; MacKenzie, Hector, carpenter, 42, Gairloch, Ross & Cromarty; Macmillan, John, able seaman, 21, Tolsta, Isle of Lewis; McDonald, William, fireman/trimmer; Meeks, Ernest, cook, 26 (son of William & Alice); Millar, Alexander Hepburn, assistant cook, 19 (son of Graham Henderson & Susan Tosh Roberts); Poole, Eric, able seaman, 26, Hoddesdon, Herts.; Rogers, John William Thomas, ordinary seaman, 17, Baldernock, Stirlingshire; Rutherford, Evelyn Percy, chief engineer, 60, Stoke Bishop, Bristol; Wrightson, Gibert James, 3rd officer, 31; Lambley, Northumberland (husband of Florence Mary).

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