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Shahristan - a general history

Owners: 1912 Frank C Strick, Swansea: 1912 NASM, Rotterdam-renamed Zuiderdijk: 1918 USA Navy: 1919 NASM, Rotterdam: 1922 The Law Shipping Co Ltd (T Law & Co) Glasgow–renamed Misty Law: 1931 Achille Lauro, Naples–renamed Edera: 1949 Francesco Pittaluga fu Giamoco, Genoa: 1956 Cia Maritima Caribe SA, Puerto Limon–renamed Frin: 1956 Linea Adriatico Gulfo Persa Ltda, Puerto Limon–renamed Mahfuz

Masters: 1918 WF Reefer.

Zuiderdijk was in commercial operation with the Holland-America Line in 1918 when the need of the United States for ships to transport men & material to the front in Europe during World War 1 forced seizure of Dutch ships in American ports. Customs officials at San Juan, Puerto Rico, took possession of the vessel on 21 March 1918 & turned her over to the US Navy, which placed her in commission on 23 March 1918 under Lieutenant W. F. Reefer USNRF. On 21 July 1919 she was decommissioned & returned to her former owners.

June 1940 Edera was laid up La Coruna. In December 1943 she was requistioned by the Italian Government for Allied service.

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