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Loss of Harpalyce

Harpalyce left Rotterdam in April with a crew of 53 on a voyage for Norfolk, Virginia in ballast with a ‘safe conduct’ from the German minister at The Hague. She flew a white flag & had ‘Commission for Belgian Relief’ painted on her sides in large letters. Despite this she was torpedoed (UB-4 Karl Grob) & sank about 7 miles E by S of the North Hinder lightship on 10 April 1915. There was no time to launch the boats. A Dutch steamer Elisabethpicked up 22 of the crew & another Dutch steamer Constance Catherina picked up a further 5 & the Philadelphia steamer Rubyalso picked up survivors. The 2nd mate & 2nd engineer were amongst those rescued & were both injured along with 3 Chinese crewmen. 15 lives lost.

Lives lost April 1915: Ah Yao, fireman/trimmer, China; Ali Fook, donkey, man, 37; Chapkhanawala, FM, 4th engineer, India; Choi Choy, fireman/trimmer; Chow Tun, boatswain  ; Kong Tong, fireman/trimmer; Kum Sang, greaser/fireman; Lee Fook, cook, 30; Lam Fook, sailor, 30; Foulger, Leonard Harry, 18, cadet, b. Reading, resided Wareham; Greenwood, JW, chief steward, 59, b. Hull, resided Cardiff; Johansson, Anders Oskar, chief officer, 45, b. Sweden, Leytonstone, London; Tung Yung, sailor; Wawn, Frank, master, 62, Wallasey; Wong Foo, greaser/fireman, 23.

Survivors April 1915: Harwood, Henry, chief engineer; Llewellyn, Edward, 3rd officer.

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