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Bayreaux - a general history

Masters: 1895-97 A Oatway; 1899 J Pawley; 1904 W Hughes; 1905-09 CD Pyves; 1916 Frederick W Thompson.

Bayreaux sailed from Cardiff on 20 October 1916 in ballast on a voyage for Montreal & was not heard from again. It was thought she struck a mine or was sunk by German submarine (possibly U-63 Otto Schultze) not long after leaving Cardiff. She was posted as missing on 14 February 1917. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists the following 30 names as having been lost;

Lives lost October 1916: Abdul Moin, fireman/trimmer, India; Ahmad Musa Ali, fireman/trimmer, India; Almeida, M, fireman/trimmer, 29, b. Cape Vincent, Cape Verde; Anderson, A, galley boy, 17, b. Argyllshire; Ashton, Reginald Henry, 3rd mate, 19, b. Cardiff; Baxter, Charles Kinmond, 2nd engineer, 47, b. Dundee; Brayshaw, J, mess room steward, 16, b. Hull; Cassimis, Anastassios Christon, able seaman, 33, b. Corfu; Chamis, George, boatswain, 37, b. Pireaus, resided Grangetown, Cardiff; Chavalanbos, M, sailor, 35, b. Lyra; Corbett, James William, 3rd engineer, 24, Cardiff; Davies, Joseph, 1st mate, 47, Newport, Monmouthshire; Dicks, HE, 2nd steward, 16, Diana St. Cardiff; Fudge, James, donkeyman, 51, b. Somerset, resided South Shields; Higgins, J, sailor, 21, Cardiff; Holm, Martin, carpenter, 54, b. Holsten; Johanssen, A, able seaman, 47, b. Russia; Lagopolis, C, sailor, 26, b. Greece; Muhammad Akbar, fireman/trimmer, India; Muhammad C, fireman/trimmer, India; Piper, Thomas William David, ship’s cook, 18, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight; Portocolis, G, ordinary Seaman, 17, b. Greece; Said Muhammad, fireman/trimmer, India; Salam Ahmad, fireman/trimmer, India; Sell, EA, steward, 32, b. Chatham; Sullivan, Thomas, ordinary seaman, 15, b. Bantry; Thomas, Titus James, 2nd mate, 26, Dinas Cross, Pembroke; Thompson, Frederick W, master, 31, Hinderwell, Yorkshire; Wali Hamid, fireman/trimmer, India; Williamson, Matthew John Hickson, 1st engineer, 44, b. Walsall, resided Barry, Glamorgan; Zammitt, A, sailor, 51, Palmero.

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