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Alberta - a general history

Owners: 1892 Alberta SS Co (WG Tapscott & Co) Liverpool: 1898 Inch Shipping Co Ltd (Hamilton, Fraser & Co) Liverpool-renamed Inchulva

Masters: 1894-1903 G.W. Davis.

On a voyage from Galveston, Texas for Newport News, Virginia with a cargo of wheat cotton & lumber & a crew of 28 Inchulva ran into a violent hurricane at Delray, Florida on 11 September 1903. Her cargo shifted & steering was impossible. Both anchors were put out but the vessel grounded & broke in two. The master & 18 of the crew managed to reach safety on a raft. There was no blame for the casualty laid on the master or the crew. 9 lives were lost.

Lives lost September 1903: Allen, steward; Gasting/Gosling; McGill; Shaw; Single; Smith, William, chief engineer, 47; Taylor; Weathercrilt; Whitney/Whitley.

Survivors September 1903: Davis, GW, master.

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