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Achsah -a general history

Built at Sunderland: Official No. 23768: Code Letters NTBL: one deck; two masts; carvel built wood snow felt sheathed in zinc 1855; 253g; 83.4 x 23.8 x 15; repairs to damage 1850 &1854; some repairs 1856.

Owners: 1846 John Clay (iron merchant), Sunderland; 1853 George Pearson, William Lisle & Ebenezer Septimius Jobson, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1848-50 J Morrell; 1851-52 Mitchell; 1852-53 Peverley; 1853 Stewart; 1854 Thomas Dowell; 1854 Purvis; May 1854 William Best; March 1855-56 Henry Bell; 1859 Allen.

Voyages: from London for Hartlepool in ballast during a severe gale in January 1854 Achsah was stranded close to the wall opposite the windmill at New Stranton, near Hartlepool. She was later re-floated & brought into harbour; 24 October 1857 in ballast she stranded on the south beach at Lowestoft.

On a voyage from Hartlepool for Cronstadt she was seen in a sinking state in the North Sea in 57N/6E on 12 September 1859. The crew were taken off by the Nema & landed at Antwerp on 22 September 1859. Achsah foundered about 15 minutes after she was abandoned.

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