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Hargrove - Trial


Daily Mail Nov **/**

On Tuesday the handsome steel screw steamer Hargrove built by Messrs. Wm Gray and Co., Ltd, for Messrs. Harrison, Tidswell, and company, London, was Taken on her trial trip.

The vessel has been built for the Hamburg coal trade. She takes Lloyd’s highest class and is of the following dimensions: Length over all, 275ft. 6 in.; breadth, 36ft., and depth, 19ft. 6in. She is a handsomely modelled vessel of the single deck type, with poop, bridge, and top-gallant forecastle.

The machinery has been made by the Central Marine Engineering Works of the builders being of the triple-expansion type, with cylinders 21in., 33in., and 56in. Diameter, with a piston stroke of 36in., and is fitted with two large steel multitubular boilers to work at a pressure of 180lbs. per square inch.

The vessel and machinery have been constructed under the superintendence of Messrs. C.M. Burls and Partners, and Mr. Crandell of that firm, represented the owners on the trial; whilst  Captain Murrell represented  the shipbuilders and  Mr. Wm Reynard the engine builders.

After adjustment of the compasses the vessel proceeded to the Tyne, where she loads for London. An excellent run was made, the vessel maintained an average speed of 12 ½ knots on the run round, and the performance of the machinery being highly satisfactory.

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