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Easington - Wreck Report 1889

(No. 3760.) "EASINGTON" (S.S.)
FINDING and Order of a Naval Court held at Her Britannic Majesty's Supreme Consular Court, Constantinople, on the 12th day of January 1889, to investigate the circumstances attending the wreck of the British steamship "EASINGTON," belonging to the Port of West Hartlepool, official No. 81,524, near Galara Point, Black Sea, about 10 miles outside the Bosphorus, on the 8th December 1888; the cause of such wreck; and to enquire into the conduct of the master, certificated first mate, second mate, and crew of the said vessel.

The "Easington" was an iron screw steamship, schooner rigged, of 1,164 tons registered tonnage, official No. 81,524, built at West Hartlepool in 1881, and belonging to the Port of West Hartlepool. It appears from the evidence given before this Court, that she sailed from Constantinople on or about the 7th day of December 1888, bound for Galatz, in ballast, with a crew of 22 hands all told, as well as 6 passengers. Having regard to the circumstances stated in the evidence, the Court is of opinion that the ship went ashore on account of the loss of the propeller and the heavy weather.

The Court acquits the captain of any blame for the accident, and considers that he and his officers did all that was possible to save the ship. As to the loss of the propeller, we are of opinion that that was caused by the racing of the engines, and that the danger would have been decidedly lessened had a governor been fitted to the engines, instead of its being necessary for an engineer to stand by the lever of the throttle-valve all the time. We also think the anchor ought to have been so fitted as to be more readily let go. The expenses of this Court, fixed at 4l. 2s., are approved.

(Signed) CHARLES JAMES TARRING, H.B.M's. Consul and Assistant Judge, President of Naval Court; ERNEST DUNCOMBE, Lieutenant in H.M's. Navy, commanding H. M. S. "Imogene"; Members. WM. DRAPER. Master of s.s. "Ararat," of Liverpool. Dated at Constantinople this 12th day of January 1889.1889

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