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Hans B - Trial


 (Northern) Daily Mail, March 3/11

This handsome steel screw steamer Hans B, built by Messrs. William Gray and Co. Ltd for A & S Bergen, for whom they have built several vessels, registered abroad, had her trial trip on Thursday.

Triple-expansion engines have been supplied by the Central Marine Engineering Works of the builders, having cylinders 26in., 42in., and 70in. diameter, with a piston stroke of 48in., and two large steel boilers adapted for a working pressure of 180lbs. per square inch.

There were on board Mr. Stoussen Mr. Hans B. Olsen, jun, and Mr. Peter Bahnsen representing the owners; Mr. James Innes, Lloyd’s Registry, Mr. Arnold Jones represented the ship builders and Mr. J. B. Williams the engine builders.

After adjustment of compasses, the vessel was headed to the North, and a run made along the coast to the Tyne and back, The performance of ship and machinery giving entire satisfaction to all concerned, and the mean speed being 12 ¼ knots. The vessel afterwards proceeded on her voyage.

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