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Feronia - a general history

Completed November 1890; Official No. 98494: Code Letters Code Letters LWMP.

Owners: 1890 Arthur Gladstone, John Cornforth & Co, West Hartlepool; 1898 Arthur Gladstone & Co, West Hartlepool.

Masters: 1890-92 FTW Simmons; 1893 Richard Geddes; 1893 JB Kent; 1894-97 Richard Butterwick; 1897-1900 John Charles Bainbridge (b. 1863 Sunderland); 1902-04 John B Kent; 1906 Denning.

On a voyage from New York for Calcutta the master, Richard Geddes, of Hartlepool, died on 18 February, 1893, and was buried at sea.

Shields Daily News, Monday, June 1st, 1896:
A WEST HARTLEPOOL STEAMER IN DISTRESS. A Lloyd's telegram states that the steamer Roslin Castle, from Cape Town, arrived at Plymouth yesterday, and reports having spoken Saturday, 100 miles south of Ushant, the steamer Feronia, of West Hartlepool, from Rangoon for Hamburg, with distress signals flying. Assistance was refused.

On a voyage from Rangoon to Port Said with a crew of about 24, including a number of Greeks & Italians, the Feronia loaded her cargo of rice at Moulmein and grounded on a mudbank as she was going down the river on 13 March, 1906. The crew left in their boats & were picked up by a steam launch. The Feronia broke in two and most of her cargo was lost. She was was valued at £23,000 & her cargo at £30,000.

Crew 1906: Ayer, J.C., Hull; Hogan, A, Hull.

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