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Cyrus - a general history

Completed December 1891: Official No. 98520: Code Letters MKQS.

Owners: 1891 A. Gladstone, J. Cornforth & Co, West Hartlepool; 1898 A. Gladstone & Co, West Hartlepool; 1911 Emil R. Retzlaff, Stettin–renamed Deutsche Kronprinzessin; 1913 Alessandro Podesta, Genoa, Italy–renamed Poviga.

Masters: 1891-94 FTW Simmons; 1894 Edwin Fleetham (b. 1846 Hartlepool C.N. 86457 Sunderland 1870); 1895-1903 FTW Simmons; 1905-07 JW Knoz; 1908-09 CE Topp; 1911 Albert Ernest Kennedy (b. 1871 West Hartlepool).

Voyages: Bound from Philadelphia for Norfolk, Vancouver in ballast and with a crew of 24, a pilot and a stowaway, the Cyrus was damaged by fire off Chester, Delaware River, Pennyslyvania, on 28th September 1896. Four lives were lost (Alfred Bakis chief mate; J. Fredericksen a seaman; Hans Joger a fireman; and the stowaway. October 1897 - Archangel for Hull.

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, Tuesday, June 21st, 1910:
WEST HARTLEPOOL STEAMER IN COLLISION. Ships arriving at Falmouth report having experienced a severe fog during the last few days. The West Hartlepool steamer Cyrus arrived with her starboard bows damaged and water in her forepeak. She was proceeding from Hamburg for Bahia Blanca about eight o’clock on Sunday morning, when in the Bay of Biscay she collided with the steamer Llandover, of Cardiff. There was some confusion for a time, but it was eventually ascertained that both steamers could keep afloat. The Cyrus proceeded to Falmouth, and the Llandover apparently put back to Cardiff. 

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