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Coningsby - a general history

Official No. 84534: Code Letters WFJP.

Owners: 1881 A. Gladstone, J. Cornforth & Co, West Hartlepool

Masters: 1882-83 Fleetham: 1884-86 A Kinsey: 1887 Robinson: 1888 L Galley: August 1889-90 John Stewart: 1891 JGS Lee

On 12 August 1890 Coningsby left Berdianski in the Sea of Azov with a cargo of grain & a crew of 22 all told bound for Gibraltar. She called at Malta & on reaching Gibraltar received orders to sail for Amsterdam. On 2 September while off Corrobedo Point on the west coast of Spain there was a ripping noise & the vessel began to make water. She was beached to prevent her sinking. Reported in the South Durham Herald on 18 October 1890 the Board of Trade Inquiry found the master in default & suspended his certificate for 3 months & recommended a mate’s certificate for that period. No lives were lost.

Crew August 1890:

Bisson, William, 1st mate

Dale, Joseph William, chief engineer

Henrichs, William, able seaman

Tindle, James, 2nd mate

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