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Dauntless - a general history

Official No. 89468: Code Letters JLGT: Code Letters JLNR.

Owners: 1884 G.B. Harland & Co, West Hartlepool: 1900 Rederi A/B Helsingborg (N.C. Corfitzon) Helsingborg-renamed Skane.

Masters: 1884-86 J Willis: 1893-99 WB Ling: 1900 C Willis: 1907 HL Corfitzon: 1909 AH Wahlberg: 1915 A Hansson.

Voyages: July 1895 West Hartlepool for Archangel.

On a voyage from Stockton-on-Tees to Calais with a cargo of timber Skane was stranded off Whitby in 54.29.30N/00.36.45Won 30 November 1915. She was refloated but beached on Whitby sands because her forehold was full of water & she was in a sinking condition. The wind picked up & the Whitby lifeboat took off her crew & passengers leaving 8 salvage men aboard. The wind worsened & the lifeboat was again called out to take the salvage crew off.

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