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Cyrena - Trial


Daily Mail Nov 28/1/13

Yesterday, the handsome steel screw steamer Cyrena, built by Messrs. Wm Gray and Co., Limited, for Messrs. The Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co., Ltd., London, had her trial trip.

The vessel has been built to Lloyd’s highest class, and is of the following dimensions, viz.: Length over all, 299ft., breadth, 39ft., and depth, 22ft. 4 in. She is designed for the carriage of case oil, and is a handsomely modelled vessel of the single deck type, having long poop, short bridge, and top-gallant forecastle.

All the requirements for the rapid loading and discharging of cargo have been fitted.

The machinery, which is placed aft, is of the triple-expansion type,  made at the Central Marine Engineering Works of the builders, having cylinders 22in., 36in., and 60in. diameter, with a piston stroke of 39in., and two large steel boilers adapted to work under Howden’s system of forced draught, at a pressure of 180lbs. per square inch. An evaporator and duplex feed and ballast pumps of the “C.M.E.W.” type are fitted.

The trial was a very satisfactory one, the engines running smoothly and well, and the ship doing an average speed of 12.2 knots. Amongst those who witnessed the trial were Mr. C. Zulver, marine superintendant; Captain Dalmeyer, marine superintendant, Singapore; Captain Scott, nautical advisor to the firm; Mr. J. C. Stephens, superintendant engineer; Mr. A. J. Taphouse, assistant superintendant; and Captain Jones in command.    

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