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Garlands - a general history

Completed August 1889; Yard No. 368: Official No. 97363: Code Letters LGNQ: Code Letters HTLF: Code Letters HPLR.

Owners: 1889 Hardy, Wilson & Co, West Hartlepool: 1894 Robert Hardy & Co, West Hartlepool: 1907 Cia Vasco Cantabrica de Nav Izarra (F Pereda) Bilbao, Spain-renamed Izaro: 1917 Cia Vasco Cantabrica de Nav (U dela Torre) Bilbao: 1918 Cia Vasco Cantabrica de Nav Izarra (L Asteinza) San Sebastian, Spain; 1920 Zugadi & Cia S en C. Bilbao.

Masters: 1890-92 JR Holman: 1895 S Symonds: 1896 J Hodgson: 1897-99 H Rhode: 1902 EJ Doherty: 1906 J Leisk: 1907 JJ Carter: 1908-09 G Diez: 1911 EG Torre: 1913 R Lanz: 1915-18 A Coloma: 1919 M Zaldumbiidie.

Thomas Morgan of the steamer Jersey of Cardiff & Pierce Egan master of the steamer Garlands were awarded medal of the Royal Humane Society for saving the lives of 16 people at Braila in the Danube, Roumania when a stage gave way throwing 80 people into the water on 30 April 1894.

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