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Lowlands - a general history

Completed May 1888; Official No. 92925: Code Letters KRJP.

Owners: 1888 Hardy Wilson & Co, Hartlepool: 1894 Wilson Shipping Co (JF Wilson & Co) West Hartlepool: 1904 Wilson Shipping Co Ltd (JF Wilson & Co) West Hartlepool: 1908 Northumbrian Shipping Co (L McCarthy) West Hartlepool: 1914 Lowlands SS Co (J Crass) West Hartlepool

Masters: 1888-89 JR Holman: 1891 Kempson: 1892-93 Blacklin: 1894-96 WH Dormand: 1896 W Turner: 1897-1900 WH Dormand: 1900-05 T Thomas: 1906 D Lloyd: 1907 WH Manson: 1908 F Bunkewitz: 1909 A Robertson: 1911 CH Smith: 1912-13 GW Sybenga: 1914 J Thompson: 1915 FJ Shoemack: 1916 FW Major.

Bound from Hull with a cargo of deals, battens & boards Lowlands was torpedoed without warning by German submarine (UC-7 Georg Haag) 8 miles NE by E of North Foreland on 18 March 1916. She was towed to Mucking Flats in the Thames the following day, patched up & refloated. On being towed to the Colne she began to fill. The pilot, Harry French, wanted to beach her on the Brightlingsea side but was overruled by the naval authorities. She was beached on the mud flats off East Mersea where she slid off into the channel & broke her back. She could not be raised & was eventually sold for partial scrapping.  No lives lost.

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