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Brooklands - a general history

Official No. 84546: Code Letters WKVC.

Owners: 1882 Leask, Clark & Co, Hartlepool: 1884 R Hardy, JF Wilson & Co, West Hartlepool.

Masters: 1884 Holman: 1885 Webber: 1886 Keen: 1887-90 W Moore: 1891 TW Talbot: 1892-93 R Roope.

Bound from Boness for Copenhagen with a cargo of coal Brooklands was wrecked west of the Scaw, Denmark on 29 December 1893. The crew were landed at Newcastle-on-Tyne by the Danish steamer Kronsa. No lives lost.

Northern Daily Mail 31 January 1894:

‘Judgement was given at 2.30 today on the stranding of SS Brooklands of West Hartlepool, off the Scaw, Denmark on or about the 29th December last. The Court met in the Committee Room-Municipal Buildings, West Hartlepool, &, like yesterday was composed of the Mayor (Alderman Suggitt) & Mr R Murray with Captains Brookes & Bigley as assessors, Mr Tilly (for the master) was the only solicitor present.

The Court found that a safe & proper course was set at 10am on 29 December, but no allowance was made for tide or current. The change of course to the SE at 2.30pm was not a safe or proper one. The lead was not used with sufficient frequency. The vessel was not navigated at too great a rate of speed. The cause of the casualty was, in the first instance, from the improper course steered at 2.30; secondly not using the lead with sufficient frequency after 4 o’clock, when the master found the 13 fathoms sounding. The vessel was not navigated with proper & seamanlike care after 2.30 on the 29th ult. The Court found the master, Captain R Roope, alone in default; but having regard to his previous good record suspended his ticket for three months only. Mr Tilly asked if they would allow the suspension to date from the date of the casualty. The owners, Messrs Hardy, Wilson & Co, were prepared to give the captain another command. The Court was cleared for a few minutes. On resuming the Mayor said that under the circumstances the Court had decided to accede to the request of Mr Tilly.’

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