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Craiglands - a general history

Official No. 89456: Code Letters JDTL: Code Letters JHTF.

Owners: 1883 Hardy Wilson & Co, West Hartlepool: 1895 JF Wilson & Co, West Hartlepool: 1898 Rederiaktieb Sundet (A Hulthen) Helsingborg, Sweden-renamed Oresund: 1916 Red A/B Standar (G ak Ekenstam) Norrkoping, Sweden: 1922 Red A/B Aeolus (N Pahlsson) Helsingborg, Sweden: 1937 Inkapool & Nelberg, Tallinn–renamed Toomas.

Masters: 1883-87 Scott: 1890 W Fortune: 1891 Simmonds: 1892-93 SO Northfell: 1899-1908 P Nilsson: 1909-16 MG Mansson: 1919 AOC Jonasson.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail, Tuesday, November 16th, 1886:
THE STRANDING OF THE HARTLEPOOL STEAMER CRAIGLANDS. BLAME ATTACHING TO THE MASTER. There has just been issued from the Board of Trade offices, at Whitehall, the finding of the Court which sat on the 26th ult., to ascertain the cause of the stranding of the West Hartlepool steamer Craiglands, owned Messrs Hardy, Wilson, and Co., off the Island of Hjelm, Jutland, on the 25th of September, while on a voyage from Middlesbrough to Aarhuus. The Court reports that the stranding " cannot be accounted for except on the presumption of a heap stones caused by ice being met with, and of a slight error not important considering the data for navigation the chart furnished in the direction the ship was going. The Court, therefore, is of opinion that no serious blame can be attached to Captain Scott, that the navigation of the ship appears to have been carefully conducted, and that his certificate and those of his officers should be returned to them with the above remarks."

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