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Empire Hurst - Lives lost 1941

Owners: 1941 MOWT (managed by Smith, Hogg & Co) West Hartlepool

Masters: 1941 Malcolm Joseph Grieves.

Bound from Aguilas for Barrow with a cargo of iron-ore & a total complement of 35 including 5 gunners the Empire Hurst was bombed by German aircraft south of Cape St Vincent on 11 August 1941. 26 lives lost.

Lives lost August 1941:

Birch, James Henry, chief engineer, 59

Bond, Sydney Arthur, able seaman (Royal Navy) aged 27, Feltham, Middlesex

Chafer, Arthur Havercroft, chief officer, 42, Grimsby, Lincs.

Esplin, James Taylor, deckhand, 23

Gilmore, Joseph William, fireman/trimmer, 19, Easington Colliery, Co. Durham

Grieves, Malcolm Joseph, master, 42, Harton, South Shields

Johnstone, Gordon, 2nd radio officer, 28

Johnstone, Mark McAlister, able seaman, 49, Oban

Keeys, Richard, 2nd engineer, 35, West Hartlepool

Kirkman, Albert, 1st radio officer, 39, Blackpool, Lancs.

Mather, Henry John Riddle, 3rd engineer, 48

McCabe, William Walter, ordinary seaman, 34

McKay, Robert, fireman/trimmer, 35

Monaghan, James Douglas, 3rd officer, 23, South Shields

Olsson, Hjalmar Wilhelm Anton, donkeyman, 52

Thompson, Peter Atkinson, boy, 18

Profir, James Weir, fireman/trimmer, 36, South Shields

Sharp, Ernest William, steward, 32, South Shields

Simpson, Frederick, able seaman, 24, Darlington

Sleightholme, Thomas, 2nd officer, 26, South Shields

Wallace, Edward, boy, 17

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