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Hudson - a general history

Official No. 78419: Code Letters WVTB.

Owners: 1878 TS Hudson, Hartlepool: 1884 Hudson Shipping Co, West Hartlepool: 1895 Dampskibslak Union (Peter L Fisker) Copenhagen-renamed Anglia: 1900 D/S Anglia (A. Isachsen), Grimstad.

Masters: 1878-80 Fleetham: 1880 George R Nesbitt: 1882 W Tindall: 1883-86 Benn: 1887-88 Wandless: 1890-91 S Strickland: 1892 W Minton: 1893-95 J Hodgson: 1896-97 NL Nilsen: 1898-1900 E Erichsen: 1901 A Tellefsen.

Bound from Hamburg for Sunderland to collect a cargo of coal Anglia struck the Needle Point near Newbiggin on 9 December 1904. A lifeboat & a number of cobles rushed to assist & one, the Henry & Jane, was capsized with all but one of the eight fishermen drowned. The Newbiggin men, except for John Dent, were all related. Later in the day the crew of the Anglia were brought ashore.

Crew of Henry & Jane 1904:

Edward Armstrong aged 29, married

George Armstrong married

James Armstrong senior, 60

James Armstrong junior, 32, married

John Armstrong

John Brown Armstrong, 37, married

John Dent, 60, married

John Armstrong (survived)

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