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Hatfield - a general history

Official No. 86937: Code Letters WMKT: Code Letters RLPD.

Owners: 1882 TS Hudson, West Hartlepool: 1885 Hudson Shipping Co Ltd, West Hartlepool: 1896 Akties Hatfield (F Ohlsen) Laurvig, Norway: 1898 A Monsen, Norway-renamed St. Hilda; 1899 E Jenkins & Co, Cardiff-renamed Hatfield.

Masters: 1882-83 JW Straughan: 1883-86 A Winter: 1887-89 Bevan: 1890-91 J Surtees: 1892-93 JA Carr: 1893-95 Hunter: 1895-96 E Dyason: 1896 ID Eriksson: 1897 Knudsen: 1898-99 HC Osterem: 1900-08 SJ Morgan: 1909 JL Gillies: 1911 B Cox.

On Saturday, 30 September 1911 the SS Glasgow, 1068 tons under Captain Turnbull, bound from Rotterdam for Dundee with a general cargo, about 15 miles from the Galloper lightship was struck by a heavy sea which smashed her steering gear & left her drifting until the morning of 1 October when she was sighted by the Hatfield which was bound from Huelva to Rotterdam with a cargo of ore & a crew of 19. In response to signals of distress Hatfield endeavoured to get a hawser on board the Glasgow to take her in tow. Because of the weather this was a difficult operation & Hatfield came too close & swung across the Glasgow’s bows. A heavy sea lifted the Glasgow & flung her down upon Hatfield’s side tearing a huge hole which caused her to sink in seven minutes. The only survivor had a dislocated shoulder & other injuries. Later that day the Glasgow was towed by the Clan liner Clan MacDonald to Dover. 18 lives lost; one survivor

Survivor September 1911:


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