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Hartville - a general history

Official No. 81504: Code Letters SRLD.

Owners: 1879 Groves, Maclean & Co, West Hartlepool: 1888 Maclean, Doughty & Co, West Hartlepool: 1900 Doughty Shipping Co. Ltd. (H. Doughty & Co) West Hartlepool: 1902 Red A/B Lagom (J Lundwall) Malmo-renamed Lagom.

Masters: 1879-81 J Payne: 1882-89 Battram: 1890 Petersen: 1891-93 A Work: 1894 H Johns: 1895 Knudsen: 1896 Hummel: 1896-97 E James: 1897 H Johns: 1899-1902 E James: 1904-1905 M Frankman.

Bound from Barry for Penang with a cargo of coal, a total crew of 21 & one passenger Hartville had a boiler explosion in the East Mediterranean on 23 January 1892.  One life lost.

Lagom was bound from Swansea for Tilt Cove in ballast when she was wrecked at Tilt Cove, Newfoundland on 3 December 1905. No lives lost.

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