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Zealous - a general history

Official No. 70125: Code Letters QSLH: Code Letters JGMK.

Owners: 1877 ES Jobson & George Horsley, West Hartlepool; 1879 George Horsley, West Hartlepool; 1889 George Horsley & Son, West Hartlepool; 1896 Anton B Hulthen, Helsingborg, Sweden–renamed Ida; 1903 Johannes Jonsson, Helsingborg, Sweden; 1915 Red A/B Wallen (AJ Falkland) Raa; 1916 Kaiserliche Marine-reserved as a blockship; 1922 Emile R Retzlaff, Stettin–renamed Freya.

Masters: 1877-85 W Louttit; 1887-88 Collingwood; 1891-95 Thomas; 1899 J Jonsson; 1909 AP Larsson.

Bound from Stockholm for Hull with a cargo of iron Ida was captured by a German warship & taken to Swinemunde & condemned as a prize in April 1916.

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