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Wilton - a general history

Official No. 139221: Code Letters JNFG.

Owners: 1916 Pyman SS Co, West Hartlepool: 1918 Hindustan SS Co (Common Bros) Newcastle-on-Tyne-renamed Laristan.

Masters: 1917-18 JM Kelly: 1919 R Longridge.

She left Swansea on 9 January 1926 bound for New York with a cargo of coal & a crew of 31. On Monday 25 January in what was described as the worst weather for 40 years the German Lloyd liner Bremen under the master, R Wurpts, picked up a wireless message from Laristan that the aft bulkhead of the bridge deck bulkhead was stove in & shewas in a sinking condition. The Breman proceeded to her aid & stood by for 36 hours. The sea was too heavy to launch the boats but rockets were fired & connections were made on four occasions but the crew would not attempt the transit. A boat from Laristan was eventually made fast to one of the lines & manned with seven men. One man was washed overboard & drowned in the crossing. About midnight on 26 January 1926 Laristan foundered in 45.12N/43.12W. 25 lives lost

R Wurpts was later awarded a silver plate for his efforts in the rescue.

Lives lost January 1926:

Crowley, Patrick, Swansea

Davies, Henry George, b.1903, Swansea

Fitzgerald, Matthew, Swansea (wife & 6 children)

Jones, Thomas, Swansea (brother to James)

Survivors January 1926:

Croin/Carin, William, seaman, 42, Port St Mary, Isle of Man

Jones, James David, seaman, 22, Jockey St, Swansea

Lazenby, Thomas, carpenter, 37, Marston St, South Shields

McGee, Bartholomew, fireman, 40, Chapel Green, Rush, Dublin

McKane, Michael, fireman, 45, Lake Rd, Londonderry

Phillips, William D, 32, Carmarthen Road, Swansea


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