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Dunholme - a general history


Owners: 1901 Pyman SS Co, West Hartlepool: 1912 Merritt & Chapman Derrick & Wrecking Co: 1916 Clinchfield Navigation Co Inc (Moore & McCormack Co. Inc) New York: 1917 Standard Oil Co, New Jersey–renamed Campana.

Masters:  1905-11 F Husband: 1917 Albert Oliver.

On a voyage from Baltimore for Stockton Dunholme caught fire & sank at Bayonne, New Jersey in October 1912. She was refloated & repaired in 1913.

On a voyage from La Rochelle for Huelva in ballast & with 52 persons on board Campana was sunk by explosives from German submarine (U-61 Victor Dieckmann) 143 miles west of Ile de Re-Bay of Biscay in 46.08N/5.30W on 6 August 1917. The master & five of the American crew made prisoners. It was later established by the Red Cross that all of the captured crew except William Miller were being held in a prison camp at Brandenburg-Prussia.

Captured crew: Delaney, James, chief gunner’s mate; Jacob, Fred Stephen, seaman; Kline, Charles Lovan, gunner’s mate; Miller, William Albert, seaman; Oliver, Albert, master; Ropp, Ray, boatswain’s mate

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