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Constance - a general history

Official No. 86936: Code Letters WMJR: Code Letters JGTR.

Owners: 1882 George Pyman & Co, West Hartlepool: 1897 Angfartygs A/B Tirfing (A. Broström & Son) Gothenburg, Sweden-renamed Tirfing: 1911 Bloms Rederi Aktieb (FG Blom) Sweden-renamed Birgit.

Masters: 1882-95 George Pickering: 1898-1900 CA Johansson: 1903-07 C Lyke: 1909 SO Svensson: 1915 A Sjosten.

Voyages: Bound for Pillau with a cargo of coal Constance was in collision at South Shields on 13 February 1890 with the Newcastle-on-Tyne steamer Redewater which was bound from Bilbao with a cargo of iron-ore. The Constance was damaged & while being put ashore struck the Hilda Drops carrying one of them away. She then sank well inshore.

Bound from Stockholm for London with a cargo of timber Birgit struck a mine laid by German submarine (UC-10 Alfred Nitzsche) & sank 4 miles off Kentish Knock Light vessel in the North Sea in 51.39N/01.39E on 26 February 1916. No lives lost.

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