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Hathersage - a general history

Official No. 78420: Code Letters SGLH: Code Letters JHCM.

Owners: 1879 Joseph Benjamin Lister, Merryweather & Co, Hartlepool: 1880 J Merryweather & Co, West Hartlepool: 1897 Rederi AB Magnus Stenbock (A Hulthien) Helsingborg -renamed Ellen: 1904 Rederiaktieb Magnus Stenbock (T Persson ) Helsingborg: 1917 Rederi AB Atran, Helsingborg; 1921 Rederi AB Inga (F Hultman) Falkenburg: 1928 Valborg (H Andersson) Gothenberg: 1938 RederiA/B Ellen (FH Andersen ) Rauma: 1943 Rederi A/B Ellen (H Liljestrand ) Raumo: 1944 German Government; 1946 Rederi A/B Ellen, Rauma; 1954 HS Jakobsen, Helsinki-renamed Harriet.

Masters: 1878-81 E Fleetham: 1881 Hoare: 1882-83 JJ Robson: 1883 G Kennedy: 1884-86 Alexander MacDonald, Hartlepool: 1887-90 WJ Dennis: 1891 W Benzies: 1892-95 J Galley: 1896 GJK Weltz: 1898-1917 JA Lock: 1918-20 GJ Larsen.

Stockton & Hartlepool Mercury 19 December 1885:

A telegram is to hand announcing the death of Captain Alex MacDonald of the steamship Hathersage, who was washed overboard last week off Cape Ortegal in the Bay of Biscay. Deceased belonged Hartlepool & leaves a widow & one child. Hathersage was on her way from Sulina to Amsterdam & belongs to Messrs Jos Merryweather & Sons. (11/12/1885)

Usually trading to the Mediterranean with coal & returning with grain & occasionally to the USA or the Black Sea Hathersage left Sebastopol on 21 November 1885 with a cargo of 2120 tons of rye & a crew of 21 all told bound for Gibraltar. She arrived at Malta on 28 November & took in bunker coal leaving the same day. On 3 December she arrived at Gibralter & received orders to proceed to Amsterdam so sailed on 6 December. On 9 December she was off Cape Finisterre where a strong gale blew up. On 10 December a heavy sea broke over her throwing her on her beam ends & causing a list to port. On the morning of 11 December the master & mate were on deck when a sea broke over the vessel carrying the master overboard. The following day the gale died down & the vessel proceeded to Amsterdam arriving on the evening of 15 December.

1895 June left Blythe for Swinemunde. 4 August 1895 arrived Ulsfborg.

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