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Ackworth (1889) - a general history

Official No. 97373: Code Letters LJGV.

Owners: 1889 Joseph BL Merryweather & Co, West Hartlepool; 1903 William S Merryweather & Co, West Hartlepool; 1905 Aldecoa & Urquijo, Montevideo, Uraguay–renamed Ural; 1907 Cia. Maritima del Nervion (Urquijo y Aldecoa), Montevideo; 1913 Sevillana, Spain–renamed Giralda.

Masters: 1889-92 G Kennedy; 1893 O Bergland; 1893-97 G Kennedy; 1898 WJ Dennis; 1899 John Olive; 1900-01 WJ Dennis; 1902-05 GJK Weltz; 1909 M Lezama.

Voyages: from Cardiff for Port Said Ackworth stranded at Lundy Island on 21 April 1892. The crew were taken off by the Glasgow tug Flying Elf& landed at Cardiff. The steamer was re-floated the same day & docked at Cardiff; from Shields for Savona with a cargo of coal Ackworth went ashore Kettleness Steel near Whitby on 19 February 1899. She was re-floated by fishing craft & taken back to Hartlepool.

On a voyage from Huelva for Pasajes with a cargo of iron pyrates Giralda was stopped by a shot from German submarine (U-152 Constantin Kolbe) at the mouth of the Minhoe. She was boarded by an officer & crew of the submarine who looted the steamer of everything they could carry including money & personal items before sinking her by torpedo 35 miles off Cape Guardia, Tunisia in 41.15N/09.20W on 25 January 1918. The crew were picked up by the Spanish steamer Cabo Menor & landed at Vigo.

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