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Valhalla - a general history

Official No. 78406: Code Letters WVLD: Code Letters HDRJ.

Owners: 1877 Fritz Herskind, Hartlepool: 1884 Herskind & Woods, Hartlepool: 1895 Dampskibsselskabet “Hekla” (WM Holby) Christiana.

Masters: 1878-81 Petersen: 1882-85 J McLean: 1887-93 TS Tulloch: 1894 Olaf Olsen: 1894-99 S Natvig: 1900 HJ Rod: 1904-05 H Andersen: 1907-08 A Kildahl.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail, Friday, January 30th, 1880:
WEST HARTLEPOOL STEAMER IN COLLISION The schooner William Edward, from Cardiff for Waterford (coals), lost bulwarks and covering board port side, and had boat smashed, on Wednesday, whilst at anchor outside Cardiff, by collision with the Valhalla, s, of West Hartlepool. The latter received no damage. 

In July, 1882, off Dungeness she ran down the May Fly, a pleasure yacht with a crew of 10 and four passengers. The yacht sank and four of her crew were drowned.

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